The IACIR 2020 Survey Report Available!
Many thanks to the local elected officials who completed the survey!


The Indiana Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (IACIR) was established by the General Assembly in 1995 to provide a forum to plan for and address the problems that will arise as greater demands are made on state and local governments. Based upon federal and other states' enabling statutes, Indiana is one of 20 states to establish an intergovernmental commission.

The IACIR’s mission is to create effective communication, cooperation and partnerships between the federal, state and local units of government to improve the delivery of services to the citizens of Indiana. In order to fulfill this mission, the Commission will foster and promote:

  • Better understanding of the process of government and the intended and unintended outcomes of policy decisions;
  • Better communication between all levels of government and citizens;
  • Long-term planning between all levels of government; and
  • Applied research on policy areas in order to better understand the impacts of mandates and policy changes.

The Center for Urban Policy and the Environment, now known as the IU Public Policy Institute, was named by the General Assembly to staff the IACIR. Staffing and progress continues under the auspices of the IU Public Policy Institute.